Dafnette Jones | About
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Hi, I’m Dafnette. I’m an author, speaker, and teacher born and raised in the D.C. metropolitan area. I have dreamed big all my life. Throughout the years, my dreams included writing a book and having a career that ultimately helped others among other things.

After spending several years teaching in the classroom, I transitioned to vocational ministry and currently serve as the Spiritual Growth Director at The Bridge – a multiethnic, multigenerational local church in Silver Spring, MD. Each season of my life brings new aspirations and new opportunities to share with others all that I learn through personal study and personal experiences. For this reason, I’m especially excited about publishing my first book – The Waiting Room .

I also enjoy serving alongside Jumaine, my husband of thirteen years. Jumaine and a group of supportive family and friends encourage and motivate me to keep going when life gets tough. They consistently remind me of God’s faithfulness when it becomes difficult to abound in hope.They also rejoice with me when I celebrate answered prayers such as the recent birth of a daughter.

Without God’s power, persistence, and a supportive community, I would not be where I am today. I know what it’s like to wait and remain hopeful when life gets tough. Waiting for relational and fertility breakthroughs hasn’t been easy. Thus, I hope to provide inspiration and resources to help others to live fruitful, God-honoring lives amid life’s inevitable challenges. I aim to encourage and equip people to thrive in every season.