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08 Oct Milestone Birthdays

Recently, while thinking about my fortieth birthday, I realized that I have two milestone birthdays coming up. Not only was I born in February. February 1994 (nearly 25 years ago), I decided to both accept Christ as my Savior and to walk in devotion to Him. As I came to this realization, I also started to reminisce about the circumstances and company that played a part in my salvation story.

During a pivotal point in my early teens, God allowed me to become friends with a classmate who was unabashed about her faith. She exemplified the godly principles that I learned about throughout my childhood. She owned her God-honoring decisions, unashamedly communicated her lifestyle changes, and she was a “cool kid.” Through her company, and a difficultcircumstance (I feared getting caught in a lie by my parents- a big deal for me.) I became more attentive to God’s voice calling me into a devoted relationship with Him. The day I responded to God’s call remains a defining moment in my life. It’s also a day I acknowledge every year.

Now contemplate your faith journey. What circumstances and company (individuals or group of people) impacted your decision to follow Christ? Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a Christ follower; can you see how your current circumstances and company are drawing you to God? Ultimately, God desires a relationship with all of us. In addition to the counsel of Scripture, God often uses “circumstances and company” to communicate His love and our need for new life in Christ. But we dare not stop here, God also wants us to be a part of others’ stories. You may be the company someone needs in their current circumstances to help point them to Christ’s redemptive work. After all, spiritual birthdays aren’t just about us. God wants to use our lives to impact others. Let’s leverage opportunities to help others experience true life in Christ.

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” ~Matthew 5:16

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