Dafnette Jones | LHIT
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LHITSTYLE pronounced light-style

We can thrive in every season when we LIVE HONORABLY, LIVE INTENTIONALLY, and LIVE TRULY.


When faced with unfulfilled dreams and desires, we contemplate what we can do to change our circumstances and obtain what we want. We may reach the false conclusion that there’s something that we must do differently as it pertains to our conduct and standards. Consequently, we may be tempted to abandon our values and morals. We’re tempted to settle. Sometimes, we’re tempted to turn our backs on God and abandon His ways. The attainment of joy and true fulfillment in our present and future seasons- free of unwelcome consequences and regrets- requires that we cling to godly values, and resolve to live honorably in every season of life.


Prolonged waiting and unfulfilled desires may also produce disillusionment that threatens our productivity. Rather than allowing the pain and frustration of life’s challenges to overwhelm and arrest us, we can live fruitful lives. No matter how difficult life is, we must remain poised to live on purpose. That is, we must leverage the knowledge, skills, and resources at our current disposal to live responsibly, and to be contributing members of society. God brought us into this world on purpose. LHIT serves to help you make the most of your current circumstances and to realize your God-given potential.


While we must make the most of our time on earth, it’s helpful to keep in mind that this isn’t all there is to life. Our frustration and grief is temporary. As we faithfully steward our skills and resources now, a personal relationship with Christ assures us that we will reap an eternal reward that pales in comparison to our mundane desires. We can live life to the fullest in every season when we encounter Jesus Christ.