Dafnette Jones | Over 40: Part 2 – It’s Not Too Late For A Miracle
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22 Mar Over 40: Part 2 – It’s Not Too Late For A Miracle

While reading Acts, another “over forty” miracle caught my attention. Acts chapter 3 recounts how Peter and John encountered a man who had been unable to walk since birth. When Peter appealed to Jesus, the man’s feet and ankles were strengthened rendering him able to walk. The formerly lame man began walking and praising God. All were in awe and likewise started glorifying God. According to Acts 4:21-22, the people were praising God because – “The man was more than forty years old on whom this miracle of healing had been performed.”

Wow! That Scripture reveals this man’s age shouldn’t be taken lightly. God wanted people to know this fact for a reason. This fact impresses upon my heart that age poses no impediment to God’s power. Even at our age, God knows what will make our heart rejoice. Good things happen to people over 40. Momentous life experiences aren’t reserved for our former years.

How many times do we think that because things have been a certain way for a lengthy period of time they’ll never change? After awhile, we either dismiss or fail to consider the possibility of change. Because more than forty years have passed, we lose hope that we’ll ever get married, have children, have a thriving career, or complete a degree program.

Today, let’s consider people like the lame man. Let’s consider people like Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 21:1-7), Zacharias and Elizabeth (Luke 1). These people experienced the “unexpected”, yet greatly desired, moves of God later in life. God’s blessings and miracles aren’t reserved for our younger years. As a matter of fact, that we’re our current age could very well enhance the magnitude of the miracles God wishes to accomplish.

Remember, God knows our age. As one friend observed, God knows how many good eggs we (or our spouses) have left. God knows what level of education we’ve attained, our physical ailments, the amount of money we have saved, etc. When we invite God into our circumstances and affairs, change is possible.

God can accomplish something greater still in your life. Because it’s not too late for a miracle, stay positive. Remain industrious. Keep praying. Pursue Christian community and healthy environments where you can get the support you need while awaiting your miracle. Rather than asking people to bring you to the temple gate to beg alms, ask people to actively join you in seeking God for healing and transformation in accordance to His will.

Further, when God moves on your behalf, remember to praise Him and to tell others about Christ. After all, the miracle isn’t just to make you happy. The miracle is intended to turn people to Christ, so that many can experience eternal joy.


  • Patricia Taylor
    Posted at 14:20h, 21 May Reply


    This was very encouraging.


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